Design Competition: Poster Zine

Last year I was in the Impression studio and between us we managed to design and print the whole of the Summer Show catalogue. So our group has used some of that knowledge to guide our proposal.

Basically last year the catalogue had a lot of elements to it which made it painful to produce (honestly don’t want to think about how many hours we spent printing) and put it up for sale at £4 which meant we ended up with a lot of spare copies.

  • £4 for a booklet
  • 6 Sections: Impression, Dialogue, Author Reporter, Inventivity, Animation & Level 4
  • 4 sheets of a3 per section
  • 2 layers of riso per a3 page
  • Studio information on one side of the page and signage on the other

Our idea this time round is to produce a poster zine because we can screen print a single sheet and so they will be cheaper for students and designers to buy; hopefully they’ll be a sell out this year!

  • Single a2 sheet (double sided)
  • Screenprinting being the main technique
  • Layered poster on one side
  • Studio information in each folded section
  • Different coloured papers

With this idea the most time consuming thing for us will be to let the layers dry but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing because it gives us time to clean and set up other screens!

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 16.52.44
Left to Right: Internet Demonstration of Folding, Poster Design by Jennifer Garwood & Poster Design by Hannah Phillips

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