Ellipsis: Cover Generation

As well as producing the prints for the collective book we are all also each having our own cover design so today we looked at what makes a good book cover.

Between us all we generated some ideas about what a cover should include. Some of these are more important than others and the idea was to use these elements to both create ideas for our own covers and then ignore these, ‘flip it’, to create generate covers.

  • Intriguing
  • Associations about value
  • Tactile materials and processes
  • Indicate what’s inside
  • Title
  • Author
  • Image based
  • Type based
  • Illustration/ collage
  • Photographs
  • Identity for a series
  • Make a statement
  • Adding a perspective to the content
  • Standing out

We also looked at book covers that used different elements such as ‘in photo’ and abstraction; I really liked the idea of photographing my cover (although my photography talents perhaps aren’t polished enough for this) but it’s an idea to try out. I used the grids that Angharad gave us to create thumbnail ideas. I think I either need to avoid the ‘…’ altogether or use it to link together the front and back covers. Overall this exercise achieved the aims of making me think about the cover although I didn’t produce something ‘solid’.

Thumbnail Ideas | 2017 | Hannah Phillips

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