Ellipsis: Page Divider Proposal

Part of our brief has been to design the page dividers for the collective book. The aim of my design was to be clean, simple and solid because everyone’s individual pages are all going to be so different.

Originally, the idea of my page divider was going to be a tracing paper or acetate design which wouldn’t distract from the content. However I had forgotten that this was going to be riso printed and wouldn’t go through the drum so I had to start looking at a different path.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 21.46.26
Research Moodboard | 2017 | Hannah Phillips

So my research involved looking at quite simple pieces that placed attention on the numbers and titles through the use of colour. The page divider is to be printed one colour on the riso printer so the idea was to use a green spot colour and digitally print the black text. I know from the production of the Summer Show catalogue last year that the green and black works together beautifully as I think there’s more of a contrast between that combo than with the red, yellow or blue ink.

002/Type I chose Gill Sans for my proposal because it’s clean, crisp and classic. Paired with my aims of producing something that doesn’t clash or compete with other works in the book I think this is the perfect compliment. The regular type works as the body and the bolded version works for the titles and numbers.

003/Layout For this I would give the left hand side enough room for the spiral binding and then then five sections would run down a column with the numbers behind them on a separate riso layer. Then the student’s name would run down the right hand side.

004/Paper I thought that a Munken paper would work best due to the costing of the sheets and the uncoated texture. This would enable the riso ink to soak into the paper so it’s bright and bold. However this is something that I needed to test out when I get my order of paper because I’m basing this on how I think paper should work and I know with the various experiments we’ve done so far that’s not always the case!

005/Format The format of my design is slightly different to A4, the idea is it would be the same height but not as wide. This would allow the pages behind the divider to still be visible which I think is a good idea as it doesn’t completely section off everyone’s work from each others.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 21.46.54
Concept Page Divider | 2017 | Hannah Phillips

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