Ellipsis: Publication Planning

Our core workshop today was with Alistair and was a similar discussion we had with him last year as a part of Studio Impression.

There are three main questions that we need to ask ourselves when we’re planning a publication: who is it for? what is its purpose? what’s the budget? These questions then guide the design and production process of a publication.

Production Process (bear in mind the order can change):

  • Brief
  • Research & Creative Ideas
  • Dummy/Flatplan
  • Rough Print Spec
  • Conversations with Printers & Paper Suppliers
  • Revised Dummy
  • Content Provided
  • Initial Designs
  • Feedback
  • Revised Designs
  • Approval
  • Sent to Print with Order & Guides
  • Proofing
  • Sign Off
  • Publications
Dummy Book with Pages 6&7 as the True Spread | 2017 | Hannah Phillips

After we were given this information we were then to make a 16 page dummy book which was made up of 12 pages and 4 covers. This time last year the mention of 4 covers completely threw me as I had never thought about the inside covers as an element of a book that can be designed. Once we had a physical mock up we were then able to create a flatplan in inDesign. I actually confused myself at this point by instead of having the pages 01-12 they were in the order they are printed in (I can’t remember the name for this) as this makes it easier to work out which pages need printing side by side.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 21.54.25
Flat Plan | 2017 | Hannah Phillips

This refresher session was useful in reminding me how important it is for me to use a flat plan and create dummies because I went through loads of paper last year creating little mock ups and it really benefited me because I printed most things correct the first time; let’s be real all students are trying to save money!

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