Design Competition: Promotion & Social Media

At this point I feel like there are a million different elements that we have to think about for our pitch in a few weeks, but we’ve been managing to break down everything little by little so it’s less terrifying…


  • Twitter | Personally I’m not sure about the use of Twitter. We can use it to target studios, designers and more but not many of us in the group have used this before and from the little experience I have with this it takes a lot of energy to keep active. However once the Summer Show prep starts there could be one or two students across Vis Com dedicated to promotion and tweeting on the platform.
  • Facebook Event | I think this is personally the quickest way of promoting the Summer Show and gets straight to our target audience of students!
  • Etsy | With the idea of selling things on Etsy we would be promoting through the platform as the Summer Show details will be on our profile and we’d include a postcard and/or sticker in the packaging!
  • Instagram | This social media platform allows us to be posting images through the term and in the lead up the to show. We can provide BTS images and connect with our audiences. Plus their algorithm means we will also come up as a suggested follow to creatives.


  • Stickers |One idea would be to print off stickers that we can then stick about the streets as promotion. This I think is a quick option of sticking things in the streets!
  • Postcards | As part of our catalogue idea we were going to be creating an A2 poster zine; so we were going to then use this as a basis for promotion. We worked out that if we made an extra 100 A2 posters (leaving the other side blank) we could then cut these up into 8 sections which would create 800 abstracted post cards. With these we could then send them off to designers, illustrators, promoters and studios detailing the show information. Ones we do not send off can be used as giveaway items at the actual show, while some others can be pasted around the local area for promotion.

Overall I think we’ve got some strong ideas here and once we have solid imagery we can set these elements up properly and start the promotion. Personally I’m really excited with these ideas and I’d love to see them in effect as I don’t remember the promotion being strong last year?

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