Design Competition: Costing

In our group, I think it was safe to say that costing was a key driving force for our designing. Having a budget of £750 we wanted to keep to as close to that as possible in case we had any issues with fundraising.

First up we started by costing what we could get for free… if you can call that costing. We’d decided that the screenprinting room would be our home for the project because once the screens were set up we could produce mass amounts of work and the ink wouldn’t cost us. Therefore using this we’d only need to pay for the paper. I’d worked out that 300 sheets of A3 paper could produce us 200 posters and 800 postcards that we’d use for advertising.

As seen from my other blog posts we were looking at producing plaster cast hands and after producing one I think that 3kg of alginate moulding powder and 5kg of Plaster of Paris would effectively produce around 35 hands which would use used in the various rooms.

The only thing I didn’t personally cost was the furniture as Hubert was researching this element of the proposal. I think this could have been broken down a little more for the pitch so there was more of an understanding of what the money was being spent on. Furthermore, I’d have liked to have also been able to cost GFSmith paper for the proposal because in an ideal world that’s the paper we’d like to be using for the Summer Show. Another element we didn’t think about was the opening night of the Summer Show, what would food cost? What about drink? This was a strong start to the costing of our pitch but as we went along with actually putting it together I’m sure we would have had more costs (I suppose that’s why we did aim to be under budget after all).

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