Ellipsis: Layering & Overprinting

For my prints I looked at the themes of layering and overprinting so I could explore how colours react when they are layered both in photoshop and when printed.

During the Colour to the Power of Five task, I used lino initially to overlay a couple of colours on top of each other and I really liked the subtle differences in colour. From that I had then tested the idea out on the digital printer because of the quickness in being able to print off tests. Due to this little experiment, I knew I wanted to produce prints that focused on layering, whether that’s colour or the content of the work.

Initially, I thought about how I could also use tracing paper or acetate to layer up different elements of the print with some quick tests using scanners. By doing so I found that actually, it wouldn’t look much different than if I just printed off scanned or digitally produced images or text as the scanner didn’t pick up too much texture. After trying this I then scanned and printed straight from the scanner bed which gave me some really good texture but didn’t achieve the colour layering that I wanted to explore.

Print Test | Hannah Phillips | 201

As I’ve been working on my dissertation which involves Wonder Woman and feminism, I thought about how I could use illustration, type and texture to produce some girl power vibes! So I had a subject and a theme but it was working out how I would do this. First of all, I produced some illustrations and got together elements I wanted to include in the prints. Once I’d done this I put the different layers into Photoshop and experimented with the screen modes, then worked out which layers I should print off and in what order. The aim was to get the colours to overlap in order to produce different tones and I think that this worked really well because all 5 prints used similar colours so even with the overlapped colours they all looked like they were part of the same series.

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