Ellipsis: Material Process Print Flyers

With our upcoming prints soon to be bound in order to create the first Ellipsis publication of the term, we headed into the letterpress room in order to create some promotional material for the launch.

Last week, half of the studio created the posters for our launch and so we were given the types and prints that they had produced in order to create flyers. Basically, the only requirements were that they had to be a5, could be two different inks and needed to feel like they paired with the posters. Katherine and I worked together to create a number of draft ideas to pitch to the group; we used the printed types from the session last week and physically rearranged the ‘Material Process Print,’ along with the launch information. This was a quick way of generating ideas (I had a whole camera roll of possible layouts) although they weren’t always the best of ideas!

So for one of our ideas, we used the actual wooden type to get an idea of how the ellipsis could be more of a feature on the flyers but it just looked strange! We thought that because there was a struggle to fit MPP on the A5 that we could remove it altogether. However… this looked completely boring and I think because the body text was solely metal type it lost something that the posters had. For the next idea, we decided to keep the Material in the large wooden type but as Alistair pointed out it puts a lot of emphasis on the word Material when it probably isn’t the most important word in MPP. My favourite of our proposals was our final idea in which we managed to fit in more or less all of the MPP wooden blocks, however as this is on an angle and would take us a while to set up and be able to accurately print repeat copies.

Group Progression

The final ideas that we settled on were to have the A5 work as a flyer (similar to the image) but also to double up as an A5 booklet type thing that stood up and could work on tables etc. So as a group we decided that ‘Print’ was our word that needed emphasis – we looked at simply having ‘Print’ with the solid wooden type or just the outline of the word. With the outline, there was the issue of not having all the correct letters available so it looked messy and not in touch with the poster created last week. I’m happy with our agreed upon outcome which is loosely shown in the photo, looks completely different to mine and Katherine’s draft ideas but between all the feedback and suggests from the group we managed to pick apart everyone’s designs and use the strengths to create one solid idea.

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