Ellipsis: Finalising Prints & Publication

The last day of the term was publication day! Time for everyone’s prints, covers and divider pages to finally come together after what seemed like a really short term…

Before actually putting together all the prints I had to finalise the printing of my designs. Due to the free printing and masses of Munken Polar paper I had ordered, I was able to test out printing the different layers in various ways to see which orders gave me the best outcomes for the colours. The finalised prints worked really well together and amongst the other designs in the book the colours of the prints stood out.

IMG_7497_picmonkeyed (1)
Final 5 Print Designs | Hannah Phillips | 2018

I thought the hardest thing about getting the publication together was going to actually be getting the pages off of everyone! While we ended up missing pages from some people, for the most part, we nearly had a full book. This was actually the problem though… Due to everyone having 5 prints each and there being varying stock thicknesses everyone’s work together ended up being too thick for the uni spiral binding machine! Basically, we had the option of editing the book down (so removing some people’s prints) or creating two books, one being Level 5 and one Level 6. I wasn’t happy with either of these options as the pages felt so great being one chunky book; the two books would be spilt differently due to Level 5 and 6 having different amounts of students. So Puro found a place that would bind the book as one, and that’s the option I chose.

Overall, I’m really happy with the group outcome, it feels like a big step up from the first project last year where we each made a poster zine each. It’s a shame that not everyone had their work in the book but it’s great that most of the studio is represented; each one is personal with our own front and back covers.

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