Ellipsis: Page Divider Finalisation

After the page divider proposal was voted on by the studio I then revised the idea with the help of Alistair. I looked further into the work of Jan Tschichold who created the Penguin Composition Rules and had input from Alistair which really refined the initial design to be used in everyone’s books.

My first revision didn’t really look miles different from the first proposal, other than I had decided that the full name needed to be seen rather than chop off half of the text so all names were legible. I also gave the subheadings such as ‘Stock’ more importance by making the type bold. However, Alistair pointed out that other people may not have as much information for the notes sections and so some of the body text would look like it’s floating about. The final design used the Gill Sans that I had pitched as well as the same format of slightly shorter than A4 but also Alistair’s layout.

Second Draft | Hannah Phillips | 2017

Before printing off everyone’s divider pages Angharad had the idea of using blue riso ink in order to have neutral dividers between everyone’s busy pages. However, I felt that worked better as it made more use of the riso whereas the blue could print more or less the same as the digital printer.

Actually printing the divider pages a couple of days before we were putting the books together came with its own problems. First of all, not everyone had sent in their page divider copy so even on the day of printing I was still receiving the copy from various people on Facebook! Due to this, on the first day of printing, I simply printed off the green riso layers for everyone as their names wouldn’t change even if the body copy did… Therefore the next day I had to print all the body copy and as this layer was black I decided for efficiency it would be more applicable to print with the digital printer (after all we also have free printing at the moment) as I wouldn’t have to print a copy for the master, make a master and then print the 25 copies off. This ended up saving me a lot of time and I was definitely less stressed out. Also, I think that printing off the black layer with the digital printer was successful in not taking away from the green riso layer and I do not think that the quality of the pages was compromised.

Final Design | Hannah Phillips | 2017

Another problem I had was one of the pages actually needed reprinting because my hair got scanned into the riso… So next time my hair is definitely getting tied up to avoid ruining masters!

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