Design Competition: Hellmann’s Brief

For our second Design Competition brief we had two options: find an internship/work placement or complete a competition from an agency such as D&AD or Penguin.

As I was unable to secure a work placement in time, I was able to select a competition instead; this was a task in itself because I wanted something that would work in my portfolio and really sink my teeth into. So I had a look through D&AD’s website as they had such a range of briefs on offer! It didn’t take me too long to settle on Hellmann’s brief to create a publication to help combat throwaway culture with food waste. I felt that this not only enabled me to hone in my publication knowledge that I’ve been developing in the Impression and Ellipsis studios over the last two years but was also a cause I really believe in! For example, there was a Burger King brief that was on the site which wanted an advertisement for a new burger to be created and I would have chosen that typically as it’s something different I wouldn’t usually work on but since becoming a vegetarian in January the thought of advertising meat didn’t sit well with me… I guess choosing my own brief helped me to realise that as a designer and illustrator there are definitely some things I will refuse to work on if I don’t believe in them. Although ask me that again in a few years when I’m struggling to pay bills…

So the Hellmann’s brief wanted me to design a publication that “embodies the Hellmann’s brand approach to sustainability, to help pre-empt or reduce food being wasted in your choice of setting – either the home, a store or a restaurant.” But also because the idea is to submit the competition brief there is also the requirement of putting together JPEG slides (max. 8) to present the ideas.

The brief itself was a great starting point for research as it gives some startling statistics into food wastage. Personally, I was drawn to the idea of producing a publication for the home because slowly stores are becoming more aware of the problem and I know from my own household how much food we end up throwing away on a weekly basis. So, I produced a list of things I wanted to start looking at to produce content for my publication: composting, recipes, food regrowth, meal planning, Design Bridge, Hellmann’s etc.

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