Design Competition: Deli Inspiration

This brief has included a lot of research in order to really fulfil the aims set by Hellmann’s and D&AD. 

In order to produce a publication that really represented the brand, I needed to dig into the recent redesign of Hellmann’s. I found that it was Design Bridge who were behind the rebrand and they really looked into the history of the company and carried through the ideas from Richard Hellmann’s original deli.

The various elements that they picked up on in the redesign are all elements that are not only important for the company but obviously represent the brand in the past but also at current. From their website I picked up on the following as being the most translatable elements for my publication:

  • Deli origins and recipes
  • Blue ribbon
  • Natural aesthetic
  • Deli counter tickets
  • Hand-drawn illustrations

As a starting point, this made me think about the materials I’d use to put together the publication. Thinking about the natural elements and ideas behind the publication – could I use recycled paper? Maybe G F Smith’s new Extract range of paper which uses recycled coffee cups? Or maybe even the paper used in deli’s to wrap the sandwiches! These would all produce something more interesting and meaningful than just printing on a good quality paper.

To then bind the book I could use a blue ribbon, twine wrapped around the publication in such a way that a sandwich would be wrapped in a deli or blue thread to stitch it together. It’s valuable that just a little bit of research into the design of the brand has opened up what I could do with the publication past producing a digitally printed booklet.

The ideas also help to think about the content of the publication. I could include deli recipes for one and more importantly, I’d be able to create illustrations for the project without forcing it in there and being overkill!

As this research has helped me to think about how I’d produce the publication my next stage of research needs to help guide the content that would be in the outcome as there are so many ways that a household can help reduce food wastage.


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