Design Competition: Content Ideas

Looking through the brief I had various ideas for the content of my publication including composting, recipes, food regrowth, meal planning and general tips that would help households cut food wastage.

I began to look into composting first as it’s something my household have never done before and considering our garden is astroturf a ‘real garden’ isn’t really on the cards and I think for many households it isn’t an option due to flats etc. So I wanted to see how easy it would be to do this and the benefits of it.

You can make compost simply by adding compostable items to a compost heap when you feel like it. It will all compost eventually but may take a long time and if the mix is unbalanced, may not produce a very pleasant end product. With a little extra attention you could improve things dramatically.  [Sourced from:]

The website gave a detailed look into the process of composting but in all honesty, I don’t think this is a ‘quick fix’ to food wastage and I think it’s perhaps an idea/page that households would flick over because it’s not actually saving them money. So I began looking into regrowing food as it’s something that I’d seen on a Buzzfeed video that showed up on my Facebook a little while ago and it’s a concept that I find mind-blowing… it’s the little things! Through the research, I found a number of foods that could be regrown in water and I thought that these could be included in the publication as they will save on food wastage and if Hellmann’s jars were cleaned out they could be reused too!

I then looked at general tips which I think were the most interesting parts of my research and so many of the tips were things that I either do in my own house already or things that would be easy to start doing. Early on I felt that it was important that the tips made up a large amount of the outcome as the brief wanted to look at different foods such as bread and milk so these pages would be essential to me.

Moving on from this initial content research I want to look into recipes that I could work into the book and think about ways of laying out the tips? At this moment in time, I have a large number of tips I’ve found running through my sketchbook but not sure how these would produce pages beyond spider diagrams and mind maps… While I’ve been looking at recipes on the Hellmann’s website I’ve been trying to think of ways of making these relevant to the publication past the fact it would be a Hellmann’s branded device!

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