Ellipsis: The Group

Once we had all received our Anthology texts, we were then put into groups based on the themes in our writings. The Doll ended up being in the last chapter which is titled ‘Power Beyond Compare,’ which centres around the myth.

These pieces all have great epic dimensions to them. They’re about the myths that we inherit and which seem fixed to certain places. Myths are structures of language, forms of speech, spectral verbal presences that hang around, possessing people. They are also stories into which we can step, project ourselves, and amplify ourselves to the dimensions of the figures they contain. They give deep meaning to what might seem ordinary and trivial in our lives. Some myths are ancient and their originators have disappeared. Who then bears these myths now, and why? Equally, some myths are very recent. Myths are autochthonous; they grow themselves out of particular places. Late 19th century London gave birth to Dracula, for instance. Gods grow out of particular soils.

We were given the above text as a summary for our chapter and then as a group we discussed our pieces of writing in order to gain a greater understanding of the chapter. There were themes that we found come across the various texts including death, housewives, myths, motherhood and displacement. From these themes we began thinking about the paper and ink, we decided that the red riso ink would pair well with our bloody theme. From my riso printing last year, I feel that the actual ink comes out slightly orange (more blood orange?) rather than red so best not to actually print on a pure white paper. So we felt that a grey sheet would work really well with red and this is an element we need to test out as soon as we can.

So as a group in our first session, we agreed on the paper and ink but separately went off to work on layouts which we could then pitch to each other. I have included just two of my ideas here: the first which shows the circle demonstrates the idea of an illustration in that space. I had been looking at Fairy Tales and Penny Dreadfuls for my visual research so I thought that a small illustration at the top of the page would be a way of reflecting this idea. The second was a way of trying to get the heading and author from the top of the page but I didn’t think this was particularly successful.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.18.42 AM
Folio Society Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Once we got together in our group and looked at elements of everyone’s designs we decided on a few elements: we’d use Baskerville; there would be a drop cap at the start of each text; the commentary and title of each piece will be red ink while the main body, folios and running heads would all be black; the illustrations would be included on smaller A6 sheets between the text. We decided quickly on a larger space for the inside margins due to the binding, whether that’s spiral or perfect and the placement of the body copy. However, we struggled with the placement and size of the title… This was an element which took us hours! As shown in our page development screenshot we’ve finished the main layout and positioning of the title but there is still work to put together the title and author in a more effective way.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.25.26 AM
Developed Page Layout | Chapter Five Team | 2018

I think we’re in a good place now to be moving forward with our design as after our first two meetings there are a few things we need to do but they’re doable goals. Firstly, we need feed in the body copy into the inDesign document. We also need to decide on how the chapter opener will look and test out the first few spreads on the riso printer just to check what it would physically look like.

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