Ellipsis: The Sketches

One of our first tasks for this project has been to create some visuals in response to the text in order to get the ball rolling. So sketching to a deadline feels incredibly forced for me and I struggled to get ten sketches completed; 8 was as many as I got completed but I think they work as a starting point to analyse different themes and ideas in the text.

Sketch 01 is based on the Pygmalion myth and more importantly a painting of the sculptor with the marble woman that was created. I really like the idea of digging into the context of the Greek myth although I don’t think I want to just draw Nina and Nina 0.2 as Pygmalion and the statue but rather find an element from myth to run with.

Sketch 02 takes some imagery from Design Competition’s first brief of the year ‘Summer Show’ where we created plaster casts for our aesthetic. I thought that plaster cast body parts would work because they can be cracked in a similar way in which Nina feels in the text. When casting hands and body parts there is a degree of uncertainty (when you’re not a pro anyway!) which I think would work with representing Nina but not the beauty and perfection of Nina 0.2. I could then scan in, photograph and print the plaster imagery off in a range of different ways.

Sketch 03 is a collage idea which shows the contrast between Nina and Nina 0.2’s physical appearances with illustrations over the top that were drawn on with lipstick. I think the textures and colours of lipstick are interesting and I’d like to see how these print with digital vs riso? Also the lipstick is relevant because of a section of text in the text, not just a random texture!

Sketch 04 used a few different elements from The Doll that I felt stuck out such as the housewife imagery, leaving to travel and the repetition of ‘It’s Done.’ I think this is one of my favourite sketches but I would need to work on a way of making this work as a one colour print.

From my feedback from Angharad there’s a couple of things I need to do going forward. One of these is to come away from the visual research and theme research that I’ve been carrying out a little bit and generate more visuals, whether that’s more sketching or getting straight into printing off ideas. I think for this project I want to push what I do with the riso printer so I’m going to try collaging visuals straight onto the bed of the riso (I suppose in a similar way in which I did with the scanner of the digital printer but I think this is a lot more unpredictable!). My aim is to produce a range of experiments in the next couple of weeks to work out what works for my visual response all while thinking about how that outcome can work as a one colour illustration in the final Anthology.

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