Ellipsis: The Book Cover

I think it’s safe to say at this point, designing covers are my least favourite elements of a publication. They just scare me! However, after creating an initial route and then changing how we were going to produce the book the covers I could develop opened up and I produced a design I’m actually pretty fond of.

Originally, I created a cover design based on riso printing. So simply one colour ink on a grey paper stock as I was thinking about physically producing the cover and how I’d like to avoid finger prints on the cover! As myself and Puro had created a range of dummy books I liked the look of the one with the double gatefold so that’s what I based this first route around. However, as I had to think about 8 pages it was a struggle to design. After designing a rough idea we then decided that the book wouldn’t be riso printed but rather digitally printed and perfect bound – this meant my next routes could be CYMK printed and I would be reducing the amount of pages.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 19.21.28
Route 1 | Hannah Phillips | 2018

For the front cover of my second route, I’ve used the type GT Walsheim as I see this as a very London Met type as it used to be used in publications and other things produced by the university – might still be? I also personally love it so! I’ve included BA English Lit, Creative Writing, Illustration and Graphics on the cover as last year it was on the back but I feel this is the core of the book and typically the author goes on the front so this choice makes sense to me.

My final route is my favourite of the outcomes as it’s developed from the other two. For this I placed the year on the front as I realised this was an element that I had been leaving off of the design but is actually really important to differentiate the various Anthologies produced by London Met. I’ve then moved the courses to the back in such a way it was last year as it pairs with the logos that are also placed there.

Overall I think that the progression from the first route was definitely needed… However it wasn’t completely lost as the sketchy circles were carried through and my design was able to drastically change once I wasn’t limited to thinking about the riso printer.

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