Design Competition: Publication & Production Research

How can the publication embody Hellmann’s? From my research into the company the main elements I picked out were the deli history, the ribbon, and the colours of blue and ‘deli paper brown’.

So when I carried out my visual research I tried to look for things that represented these elements. From my mood board, I liked the idea of using string or ribbon as the binding method or as a way of adding a feature. For example, the string can wrap around the spine to keep the sheets together or I could glue in a ribbon or piece of string in order to create a bookmark to both add a design feature and make the publication more reader-friendly and interesting to flick through!

Visual Research Moodboard (Section 1) | Hannah Phillips | 2018

If I made a publication that was single sheets and left unbound I could then use a biodegradable box or container to house the sheets as this would be a nice way of linking to the topics of regrowth and composting! The container can be used to replant different foods and in the worst case if they were just thrown out by the receiver of the publication then at least the box isn’t adding to household waste – silver linings and all that!

Visual Research Moodboard (Section Two) | Hannah Phillips | 2018

My aims with the production of the publication are however I choose to bind or add features to it, they are considered and do not create unnessicery waste or it kind of defeats the purpose Hellmann’s are looking for! I’ve committed to the idea of printing with riso as I’d only need one coloured ink and I can use the recycled paper through the printer as I’ve tested this out already. I think these binding methods I have looked at for my visuals not only look like they belong to the Hellmann’s brand but also they mean the sheets can be taken apart and recycled again very easily. Whereas if I glue bound the sheets there’s more of a process to reuse them.

I think that I’d maybe try out a few different methods in order to work out what would work best for a reader. Although I think it’s a shame the brief doesn’t give a context to the publication, for example, would the device be handed out in stores, would it come with a promotional pack of Hellmann’s etc? If I knew this then perhaps it would be easier to come to a decision, or maybe it would further complicate my thought process, who knows!

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