Design Competition: Layout Development

Using my sketchbook to create some layout ideas was essential.  If I’d begun with setting things up on InDesign to start off with rather than headed for the sketchbook then usually the layout of the page ends up permanently looking like the first draft as it looks so ‘final’ and polished even if it really isn’t purely cause it’s on the computer screen.

There are various things that I considered with the layouts including how to keep the pages consistent, how I’d keep the Hellmann’s brand running across the pages, the numbering and how spreads would look in comparison with single pages. Most importantly to me was getting the tip pages correct because these pages to me, had the most interesting and usable information for households. Many of the layouts that I sketched out placed the illustrations in the centre or slightly offset as I think this visual element would draw in the reader. I also sketched out having ‘MILK’ in a large point size in order to work as a graphic element. The tips themselves would either be in a block of text or dotted about the page and I think I was more drawn to the dotted about tips because this would be easier for the reader to skim read different ideas and actually put them to use.

Sketchbook ‘Milk’ Layouts | Hannah Phillips | 2018

I considered page numbers and whether I felt they were essential for the publication and page layouts, however, I felt that removing them left the pages looking more poster like so that the reader would then be able to hang them on the fridge or post them around their kitchen in order to make the most of the food waste reducing tips! Using the Milk tips page as an example again, once I put the illustration onto the page I removed the word from the milk carton because I felt my sketches with the large type coming off the pages looked the most interesting and I didn’t need the word occurring twice!

Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 21.06.15
Finalised ‘Milk’ Layout | Hannah Phillips | 2018

Looking past just creating the single pages, I also considered how the spreads would look. I had just two spreads planned: fridge and freezer tips and then regrowing food. For the food growth spread, I wanted to keep this one simple with the text on one side and an image on the other. While the fridge and freezer spread would be in the centre of the publication so the illustration would go in the middle of the page as there would be no issues with the alignment when riso printing!

Overall, I think that developing different layout designs in my sketchbook was essential as the introduction page of the publication was created on the computer without the aid of sketching it out first and honestly it started off incredibly boring!

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