Design Competition: Pagination

Mock-ups. Mock-ups are single-handedly the most useful thing to make when producing a publication and you can’t convince me otherwise!

When I started to think about the pagination of my pages I took four sheets of paper, folded them in half as I’d be going with my final booklet and left them loose leafed. This meant that I was able to write on each page what the content would be and easily pull apart the pages to see what would go on the front and back of each sheet.

Inital Mock-Up | Hannah Phillips | 2018

These mock-ups that helped me decide on the page orders and what would work most effectively weren’t just limited to my pre-InDesign production of the publication but also something that I produced a couple of times throughout to ensure that once it was printed the pages all butted up correctly.

IMG_8218 (1)
inDesign Mock-Up | Hannah Phillips | 2018

This is a key part of my development as printing out and reading the content I was producing enabled me to juggle about the content so that it simply made more sense in the order it was produced in.

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