Ellipsis: Chapter 5 Development

Once we got our feedback from Trevor we were able to develop ideas for the Anthology. This included meeting as the Design Leads to talk about the format and go back to our chapter groups to improve the overall design.

From the feedback it was agreed we needed to think about and develop the following:

  • Format of Anthology
  • Chapter Divider
  • Illustrations
  • Typeface for Commentary

So to begin with it was agreed to change from a riso printed book to a perfect bound book that we would no longer need to produce in-house. I felt that as great as it would be to have more money to spend on the Anthology publication, these benefits aren’t actually all that great when thinking about the stress it would cause us and the fact the client wasn’t particularly excited about the concept of the riso book, even though we showed him the physical dummies of the proposed design. All five of us design leads agreed that producing the book was a big ask when the studio all have their own projects to be working on and if we struggled to guarantee everyone showing up to help out it could spiral! Therefore we came back to the rest of the studio to tell them we would be working on a perfect bound book instead and this also helped to influence some of the changes we needed to make.

For example, not riso printing meant that for our group we would have to produce the body copy all in black ink rather than black and red which we had proposed. This meant we would have to change the commentary of our section – the type of this – as it was the ink which was differentiating this from the main body copy. Digitality printing the book with a printer also means that our group needed to think about the illustrations in the Anthology. By printing off the pages and binding ourselves, our group were going to have smaller sheets of paper of the designs on however this meant we’d have to have monochrome pieces of work and it would have to fit on an A5 page in some way. As Trevor was a fan of full-page illustrations it wasn’t a difficult decision for us to change these pages.

However at this point, our chapter was becoming more like the other chapters and there weren’t major differences between all the groups, but enough small differences that it looked like there was mistakes between the chapters!


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