Design Competition: Digital Mock Up

Without working on the pagination physically and then rechecking everything digitally I’d have spent a small fortune on printing credits and riso printing!

Once I thought I was finished with my publication, I would export it as a PDF so I was able to then print it off as a riso master. But this also gave me the perfect chance to make sure everything looked correct. With the first document, I produced, I found that the photographs that I’d included on the recipe pages were disappearing. To this moment I’m still not completely sure why but these images seem to not show up on the PDF because I’d changed their transparency in inDesign. I’d done this so all the text was still legible and the page didn’t look as plain so I needed to find another way to solve this issue.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 07.36.28
PDF File One | Hannah Phillips | 2018

To start with I took the transparency off of the image to check if that was the problem and of course it was! While I really liked the image sitting behind the text once large amounts of blue ink would be placed down on the riso printer I knew all of the text would be completely lost! So back to the drawing board to work out how I could still make the image work without having to use multiple riso layers (at this point in the term I’m broke and I’ve already spent around £50 on masters, my bank balance can’t take any more hits…).

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 07.35.46
PDF File Two | Hannah Phillips | 2018

My solution to ensure the text was legible was to put it all in a white backgrounded text box as this ensured the text could be read and the image would still be clear when put on the riso. While this gives a completely different look to the page in comparison with what I was originally doing I think this was probably for the best as all the information I needed to get across on the riso was clear.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 07.36.06
PDF File Three | Hannah Phillips | 2018

Overall I think the digital stage of this project was an important lesson for me in how budgets can dictate design. If I’d had the money to design multiple layers then the photographs could have been handled in a very different way but alas that’s also how design works with clients too! However, if I had had the money to create multiple layers that is something I’d have liked to have tried out, although I would have had to consider what other riso colour could have worked with the Hellmann’s branding.

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