Ellipsis: Chapter Five Divider

When we pitched our chapter idea to Trevor and the rest of the studio, we’d kind of forgotten about the divider page… So for us, it was left typographic and quite plan in relation to the other chapter designs.

Part of the feedback the studio received was that Trevor really liked those openers that really drew out the theme of the chapter and those that included an illustration. So we decided that we needed to produce an illustration which reflected the theme of either death, myth or power. However, Jennifer came up with the main concept for the developed divider in the letterpress room. The focus for us should be the word ‘Power’ so she created this in a wooden block type and the ‘Beyond Compare’ in smaller metal type which we could pair with a loose illustration in order to further strengthen the importance of the word Power. When Jennifer sent these mock-ups to our group chat I put together a few sketches to see where the words sit together best on the page.

Sketches | Hannah Phillips | 2018

Once Jennifer had created physical mock-ups we scanned in the type to test out different layouts in Photoshop. One of the key things to remember when creating the final design is this page will be on the right-hand page of the Anthology so the ‘power’ needs to be far enough from the spine that it doesn’t get lost! (Something we didn’t need to worry about when we were making a riso printed book.)

We both agreed on the layout of the letterpress words but the illustration was something that needed work on. So as a chapter team we decided that we all needed to come up with an idea to then select what best represents the themes. I had two main ideas, one which used cattle skulls because I remembered Michael’s individual response using a human skull so I wanted something different! While the other had a rose with triangles which were to represent broken/fragile pieces; I felt this would contrast with the letterpressed ‘power’.

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