Design Competition: Riso Printing

Producing a digital mockup of my publication is one thing but printing it out as a riso can be completely different!

Rather than spend all my hard earned cash printing the whole booklet out I put the Hellmann’s repeat pattern and the Bread Tips page on a spread in order to test out the quality of the printing. The tips page worked really well so there’d be no need to worry about all the other pages that used illustrations (hopefully!). However, the repeated bow didn’t work as it came out really patchy due to the master being grey rather than black; I hadn’t realised it would have such a big impact. So I had to go back to the document and swap out the grey bows for a black version. Although finding a high-quality black bow was an issue. Unfortunately, when downloading the original brief pack from the D&AD website there wasn’t a high-res Hellmann’s logo included, which in some respects shows me what working in the industry is like!

While I was printing off the test I also tried out the recycled paper and the combination of the riso ink and recycled stock is to die for! Honestly insert a hundred heart eye emojis right here because I’m in love (I know it’s my work but I’m still allowed to say that!). The pair works really well together and the textures really do give me a deli/natural aesthetic which is what my aim was. Onto printing off the whole booklet – with my fingers crossed of course!

Riso Test Print on Final Stock | Hannah Phillips | 2018


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