Ellipsis: The Final Response

I had produced a range of different collages to riso print as my individual response to The Doll. After moving past the digital collage and trying to print my handmade response, my final collages were produced by layering up the different elements on the printer which made them ever so slightly unpredictable.

As the project is made up of the individual response which needed to be printed as an edition of five and a version to go into the Anthology book, I tried to keep in mind the riso print would also need to work in monochrome. So when I printed off the collages I made sure I printed on both the brown recycled paper and white copy paper so that I could scan this in and change the piece to black and white. Both of the prints came out rather successfully and by the end of it, I’m not sure which one I actually prefer, although the brown-papered prints made more sense as they were the ones that aimed to reflect black-figure pottery.

My three final responses represent different stages of the text: Nina’s resentment of the children and her life, Nina 2.0 and Nina escaping the mundane. I’m happy with the outcomes that I produced for this aspect of the text as I was able to push my collages further than I thought and learnt a lot about what actually shows up on the printer!

Once I had the trio of prints sorted out I wasn’t actually sure which one I liked the most, so I changed all three into black and white versions in order to test out what would work better in the Anthology. To begin with, I used the third print of my series as this represented Nina escaping her mundane life which I felt was important and so would work well representing the whole of the text. However, once I placed this in the inDesign file I didn’t like how the illustration filled the page so I then tested the first but I found this left too much white space on the spread. I decided that the second print actually worked best as my final Anthology illustration because the composition filled more of the space than the others.

I think that if I were to do this project again then I’d like to continue to push the riso/collage capabilities a lot further. I think maybe to do this I would include more colours, a minimum of three as well as push the illustrations to be more than just line drawings.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 10.20.02 AM
Book Mock Up | Hannah Phillips | 2018

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