Design Competition: Final Publication

When it came to printing the final publication, the only thing I had to be worried about was the printing of the photographs inside and the texture on the cover; but I hoped I had enough experience with the riso that I could solve any potential issues!

To begin with, I printed off the cover sheet which had a slight block of texture to it (a ticket stub from a photograph). I used the photo setting when creating a master as from experience that seemed to work pretty well before and it did work slightly… however it was extremely light so I had to change the contrast when creating another master. Having put it on the highest contrast setting, the outcome was the strongest I was able to get without completely changing the digital mock-up. I think the outcome I did get was subtle enough to work without it looking like I didn’t want to go back and change the mock-up – I know it looks that way but I would have changed it!

I then had to ensure that the photographs on the recipe pages printed out correctly because they would have the opposite problem with the cover! Keeping this in mind, I left the contrast in the mid-range and the outcome of the photographs was strong but not just blocks of ink (which was handy as the cost of masters were starting to add up!).

Once everything was printed off, it was a case of binding my publication and while I was a fan of the rubber band binding that I looked at during my research I felt I needed something that looked considered. So I used a beautiful royal blue thread to stitch together the pages; I tested out running the thread the whole length of the spine, to begin with, but I felt this looked ‘too much’ as it’s a different shade of blue to that of which I used for the riso. Therefore I chose to stitch a smaller section of the spine (the area of the ticket stub on the cover) which was a lot more subtle but a lot more solid than the rubber band! All in all I’m still a little unsure on the binding so it’s maybe an element I will revise before the final hand-in once I get some feedback from the studio!

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