Ellipsis: MagCulture Research

Last year in the Impression Studio we visited the MagCulture store and I came away with some beautifully inspiring magazines; this visit was no different. The visit was particularly useful due to it being Final Major Project time and I was in dire need of some inspiration!

First things first, Jeremy Leslie, the founder of MagCulture (that is their journal, studio and shop) gave us a bit of background to his work and the independent magazine industry. After being shown some of the most established of the magazines it was obvious that even though they didn’t follow the conventional rules of magazine covers they also really did… The title was always at the top and then there was a photograph in the centre surrounded by a border – the design might have looked different when they were on their first issues but now they’re typical and sort of boring so I need to bear that in mind when putting my own design together!

‘We love magazines’ is our rallying cry; it reflects our belief that editorial design is an ever-developing discipline that continually adapts to new technologies and circumstances. The work of our design studio reflects this too: from blurring the line between books and magazines to adapting long form essays to the screen, we enjoy testing our design principles. – MagCulture

While there I purchased two magazines: Beings (01) and Marimo (01). I was particularly interested in the visuals of Beings for a number of reasons and will inspire my own publication. Firstly, I liked the actual size. While it was a standard A-size the fact it was A5 just felt really great to hold and the practicality that it is travel size is definitely a selling point. The contents page of this travel magazine is perhaps the greatest thing I’ve ever seen (no I promise I’m not being a drama queen). It used a gridded map to display where all the stories are written about which I think is great although not useful for my own magazine… I also found the magazine a little publication of inspiration in regards to the layout of illustrations and the colour combinations. It was refreshing to see text that was more than just black, white or grey. Thinking about only having to create a small run or printing a magazine myself colour is something I can play about with a lot more as I’ll have a bit of money to print CYMK instead of just black and white.

While this visit hasn’t completely cemented my content ideas for my FMP it’s given me ideas for how I want to layout my magazine and the physicality of the publication.  I need to now both come up with the content for the magazine and create a full brief so I am aware of all the outcomes that I’m going to need to produce.

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