Design Competition: Physical Portfolio Research

The final Design Competition brief of the year is more than just a project. If effectively carried out this will be a strong foundation for my portfolio going forward post-university. It’s definitely an exciting project to get stuck into!

First up, my research has been looking at the physical portfolio – this is one element of the brief, along with a digital portfolio and social media accounts set up. When I’m looking at binding, loose leaf is important because it can be changed and developed constantly after this project is completed which is important or I’ll be spending a fortune on printing and binding for the rest of my life! There are a number of ways I could go about leaving the sheets loose. For example, I could simply put them in my portfolio box that we were kind of forced to buy in December… No I’m not bitter that I spent money on a box that I don’t really like… Moving on swiftly, I could hole punch the sheets and put rings through it so it’s always kept in order. But I’d rather not put holes in the sheets of paper because I think that leaves it looking a little unprofessional. Personally, I really like the idea of using a sleeve such as the one photographed in my research. It’s simple, I can print my details on the sleeve and I repeat it’s simple!

Pinterest Inspiration | 2018











During my visual research, I came across a number of contents page designs and I don’t think the contents page is important but it is an element that could work well if I have enough time for the brief.

For the size, I’m thinking A4 would be easier in order to carry about, get it printed and sending off to clients. At this format, I would be able to reproduce the pages whenever I needed to from home without breaking the bank. I do think however, I’ll design the portfolio to A3 so I’m able to print at both sizes at a good quality as this would be beneficial for showing the work in person vs. sending it off. Another thing which I think is linked to the physical portfolio is my CV. This is an element I really want to develop because as of yet I don’t have a design CV only my regular one which has my one job on it (trust me though it’s still impressive – 4 years there baby).

As I said, there are a number of elements to this brief so moving forward I need to look at how the physical and digital portfolios would link together as well as to my social media. Also, I need to decide on my chosen social media!

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