Design Competition: Social Media

As part of the portfolio ready brief, we are to establish platforms on social media in order to connect ourselves and our work to a wider audience. The advantages of social media are the ability to connect and promote to target audiences and establish a voice.

Looking at some of the most used platforms of the last couple of years I worked out which platforms I would want to establish for myself. For me, I needed to find platforms I could enjoy and really engage with because they would hopefully be accounts I would be using on an almost daily basis.

  • LinkedIn: Perhaps the most ‘professional’ of all the social platforms on the list. It’s also something I already have established to a large extent. This site essentially works as a digitally interactive CV where you can connect with people you know, get them to endorse your skills and reach out to potential employers. I might have to update my profile a little even though I’ve been in the same job for the last four years but there are skills elements and qualifications such as first aid that I have gained in the last year or so. I think this will be a good platform for me because I can use it for both design and any other careers that I look for in the future.
  • Twitter: Is a platform where that I’ve never got along with… While it’s super interactive it’s not something I enjoy but if need be I could develop this further down the line.
  • Instagram: Instantly this is my go-to social media platform because it’s so visual and we are all visual communicators after all! I have an account for my design already but under the username @hannahphillips and for this project I’m looking at creating a consistent brand for myself so I’ve created a new account under @hnnhphllps. As well as just setting up the account I have done some visual research into graphics packs where I can simply drop posts into so they look consistent. So my idea is to develop a basis pack for myself that I can use to make the account themed and easy to navigate.
  • Facebook: While this is one of the most popular platforms with 2 million users, I don’t know how good of a platform it is for an art page? I personally follow a few design pages (Finn and Sasha I think?) but I only follow them for support rather than anything else. Maybe that’s because I use it to tag my friends in memes but I think a lot of people do so I’m not sure this is a beneficial platform for myself right now.
  • Pinterest: I use this platform a lot… While I’m not sure how good it is for self-promotion it’s beneficial in other ways. It would allow people to see my inspiration for projects and research; I can also upload my work to the site for people to ‘pin’ and share on their own boards.

Afterall I think putting my attention into LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram gives me a variety of platforms which are all able to reach different audiences. The latter two are both visual which can be used to share my work and inspiration. While LinkedIn is more text based and I can share my employability. Going forward I need to brand these three social media platforms with my digital and physical portfolios in order to create the consistency which will benefit my brand.

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