Ellipsis: Independent Magazines

I was thinking about producing a health-based magazine for my FMP because it’s something that really interests me. Between mental wellness, physical exercising and vegetarian recipes there’s plenty to include but I wanted to see how the topic was handled by the independent magazine industry.

So I looked at the book, We Make Magazines: Inside the Independents by Mike Koedinger. Although the information was probably very out of date as it was published in 2009, the book was extremely insightful in getting an understanding of why and how certain magazines are put together. At this point, my concept is to produce a health kind of magazine and flicking through this it’s a topic that was very under-discussed a decade ago in independents so it would be beneficial to find out if that’s still the case.

Tricks of Mainstream Magazine Design:

  • Spacious top margins
  • Pull quotes
  • Humanism in photography
  • Custom typefaces
  • Lists
  • A face on the cover
  • Bright colours
  • Title on the top
Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 13.59.54
Run For Your Life | Issue One
This was one of the only magazines I’ve been able to find. It looks at running in a very different way from the mainstream magazines, in the sense that it looks at the lives of everyday runners rather than celebrities. It connects with an everyday audience of runners and I like this idea of creating content and photostories around real people and their ways of keeping active and healthy. This means it isn’t the typical mainstream health magazine which uses the bodies and stories of the ‘after’ instead of the ‘before’ and ‘during’ in people’s stories.

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