Design Competition: Digital Portfolio Research

When reading the brief it asks for us to create a digital portfolio but doesn’t explain if that should be a website or a PDF that we would send to potential clients and employers. However, it makes sense to me that this outcome can be both because the PDF can be a document almost identical to the physical portfolio and the website is then a separate element.

Everything that I do for this project is going to be designed with the phrase “don’t work harder, work smarter” in mind because it’s the final term of the final year and I want to be able to develop my highest standards of work. Therefore for the portfolio website, I have been drawn to those that use squares for the images as they double up as Instagram sizes which is efficient. I looked at Wix to first create my site as it’s been recommended me by a few people and I’m sure if I couldn’t wrap my head around it I could ask them for help (yes Karl and Khyle, you signed yourself up for the role whether you like it or not). I looked through the site and played about with it a little and I liked it but wasn’t completely sure of it so I took a look at SquareSpace and SmugMug.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 12.55.39
SquareSpace Portfolio Mock-Up | Hannah Phillips | 2018

Instantly out of the other two sites I really liked SquareSpace because it was so simple and the layout was what I had been looking for. However, it came at a cost of the site it works out to £120 a year or around £12 a month while using Wix came to around £5 a month or £75 for the year. While £12 a month isn’t going to break the bank it might do at this moment in time… So I’m holding out for SquareSpace at the moment and for the sake of this project I’ll be using Wix.

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 14.01.03
Wix Website Mock-Up | Hannah Phillips | 2018

Looking at other designer’s websites I’ve made a basic list of things I want to include on the site: About, Portfolio, Contact, Shop and then in the footer of the page include social media links. My next step is to really get my teeth into Wix and start getting the bones of the site completed so when I come to photograph my work for the portfolio I am in a place where I simply need to upload them to my digital portfolio.

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