Design Competition: Wix Website

After my initial research into websites that could host my portfolio site (Wix and SquareSpace) we were then shown other sites in the studio. While my head still saw Wix as the route I’d go down it was beneficial to see other sites that I could keep in mind for the future!

The two sites we were recommended were Cargo Collective and Lay Theme. Out of the two Lay Theme was definitely my favourite as it was easy to use and worked much like InDesign. For myself, though, it’s not something I think I have time to get my head around the pricing because it costs around £45 for a one time fee but then you have to use a separate hosting service anyway which then adds more cost. On the other hand, Cargo Collective is on par with Wix at the cost of around £70. After looking at more sites I think I’m even more swayed towards producing a Wix website cause the cost is manageable and I can get my head around using most of the features they have to offer.

Since my initial research, I have been able to link my Etsy account to the shop tab of the site. There’s the chance to build a shop front straight onto the Wix pages but at this moment in time, I don’t have anything to put on the site page so linking up the accounts seemed to make the most sense to me.

I also have my Instagram account linked to the site but rather than have a new tab open up on the Instagram page it’s built straight onto the page or I’d be forever sending people back off my site and that’s definitely not a smart move! Although I need to get images back onto the account as I’m using a demo account on the site at the moment to see what it’ll look like.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 20.52.49
Wix Instagram Layout | 2018


The actual portfolio layout of the site is easy to customise. The grid can be changed simply, it’s a case of working out how many columns and grids I want on the page but this is something I cannot be sure of until I have the photographs in place.

My main outline is sorted and the About and Contact pages are filled with the relevant information such as new email address ( which is linked to my new self-branding. The next step of site development will be to upload my portfolio images to the grid and sort out the domain of the site so it’s professional and easy to find my work online. In regards to site content, I want to create an illustrated avatar image of myself to go on the About page but other than that I believe I have everything I need in place.

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