Ellipsis: Magazine Content

Looking at independent magazines and thinking about how I can produce something niche or not as I want I’ve decided I’m going to focus on the health of young and busy people.

Typically, mainstream health magazines include the following content:

  • Numbered tips (again usually linked to weight)
  • Products to buy – beauty and clothing
  • Celebrity weight loss tips 
  • Notice a pattern yet?
  • Targeted workouts
  • Sex usually if it’s aimed at women
  • Food!

I’m not saying that there’s anything evil about these topics but they essentially pick at people’s insecurities. The straplines on the covers discuss things such as ‘dropping pounds,’ ‘flat stomaches’ or something being perkier! Then on the inside of the magazine, the interviews are either from celebrities, athletes, nutritionists, personal trainers etc. I’ve always read things like that and thought ‘yeah, but how would a real person find time for that?’ amongst other thoughts! For my own magazine, I’m thinking that there would be elements similar to the mainstream (such as recipes, workouts and interviews) but they would be written about in a completely different way. 

In a similar way to Run For Your Life, I’m thinking about creating photostories with ‘everyday’ people, a sort of by the people for the people thing. That way an audience can connect with the content in the magazine. Connecting with an audience is one of my main aims so the writing needs to come from a personal place, whether that’s me or someone else.

Looking at these have also given me some ideas for the cover, or rather what not to do. I really don’t want a white background with bright text and someone on the front Photoshopped. Much like independent magazines, I’m going to avoid having text on the cover, other than that of the title… Which I’ve just realised I need to get round to sorting!

So while researching into magazines, I’ve decided my content is likely to be:

  • Real people’s health stories
  • Vegetarian recipes
  • Healthy habits
  • Focus on an ingredient
  • 30 day challenges
  • Adverts for fitness events
  • Mental health

Moving forward I need to start producing content and work out how I will actually produce the final outcome. The first thing I want to do is the printing because once I know the formatting of the publication I think it’ll be easier to work out how much content I’ll need? That’s my reasoning at this moment, we’ll see what happens…

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