Design Competition: Content Curation

Our session with Tom from RP had us working on a quiz/reflection/a form of a sheet. Although in some respects it was a painful process it was extremely beneficial in discussing ourselves as designers and what we should consider when creating a portfolio.

Section by section the worksheet gave me a lot to think about both in regards to this project and my future in the creative industry. For me, I found this the most useful when thinking about the six projects that I should include in my portfolio. As I’ve been in Impression and Ellipsis since being at London Met most of my project outcomes have been publications which I was wary about only including these. But why shouldn’t I? Afterall, I’d love to work with publication design in some way once I leave uni so my portfolio should reflect that I know how to work with this in a number of ways.

  • Final Major Project (Magazine from Third Year)
  • Collection Book (Dog Illustrations from First Year)
  • Anthology (Riso Booklet which was my Individual Response from Second Year)
  • Anthology II (Individual Response in the Final Publication from Third Year)
  • Riso Show (Summer Show Catalogue from Second Year)
  • Material Process Print (Five Prints in the Publication)

Tom suggested that the portfolio should include six projects with two pages each as well as an intro and outro page which can include a CV. So, I selected these as my six projects for a number of reasons. Firstly, they demonstrate that I can work independently but they also show that I can effectively work in a group. Whether that’s the curation and management of a project or ensuring my work is submitted in a timely fashion. These projects also show that I am able to consider different processes, materials and forms of printing. They use a mixture of digital print, riso printing, lino, spiral binding, perfect binding etc showing my design isn’t limited.

Looking at the work that needs to go into my portfolio I am slightly worried about my photography skills at this point in the project. It’s something that isn’t my go-to skill but hopefully, I can get some portfolio worthy shots. I do have someone that is able to actually take good quality photographs for me but unfortunately isn’t around until June so even if my skills aren’t up to a completely professional standard I will be able to go back to the portfolio and edit (shame that it’s not grade helpful though!). Going forward it’s a case of working out the best way for me to photograph my content in a quality way and develop the website that I have started to look into.

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