Ellipsis: Potential Printing

The Final Major Project aims to bring together the skills we’ve learnt while being at London Met so a large part of this project is taking into consideration the materials, processes and printing such as the first brief had us explore. I like to think that I’ve learnt about printing publications since being in the Impression and Ellipsis studios both through making them in-house and sending things off to be printed and/or bound.

The most obvious route would be to produce something myself as I would be able to select any paper stocks I want and create a magazine to whatever size, no matter how awkward. However, while I would be flexible in that regard, I would be limited to riso printing or digital printing which means that realistically the paper would only be able to be A3 or smaller. Binding would also be a fairly easy process because I could spiral bind in the university, staple bind myself or find another method.

As this is my final project, I am more swayed towards sending off the magazine to print; this is simply because it will have a more professional finish and of a slightly higher quality. So I’ve looked at a few different sites:

  • Blurb – I’ve used this company before and the books I’ve made have always been of a good quality. It works out to £3.99 for 20 pages and then 20p a page after. The advantage of this is also their inDesign add-on which ensures the pages are set up correctly for their printers. I think the drawback to this site is the paper, I’ve never been the biggest fan of the copier type paper used to print on and there isn’t really the opportunity to customise this element further.
  • Issu – Once I upload the digital magazine to the site for people to read, there’s the chance to print through them too. It looks like it’ll be around £4 based on the Collection book I uploaded last year. However, I assume the quality of this will be similar to Blurb.
  • Mixam – This site seems to have a lot of customisation options such as paperweight and paper type. A little more expensive than the other two options I’ve looked at but potentially a lot better quality. To order one magazine A5 costs £24, but it’s also the same price to order up to 16 copies. This would be beneficial to me as I’d then have extra copies to sell at the Summer Show as well as share with my friends and family.

I think the paper quality that my magazine is printed on is extremely important for this project because independent magazines are able to be of a much higher standard than mainstream ones because of their higher price. While I’m not able to break the bank to produce this project, it all needs to be highly considered as if it was going to MagCulture or the Tate shop. After compiling this list of options I think that I’m likely to print 16 copies with Mixam and then order an additional copy with Blurb as I’m aware of how their printing comes out so it’s a backup copy of sorts.

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