Design Competition: Photographing Content

There isn’t a portfolio without photographs of work and so even with my sketchy photography skills, it’s something that needs doing!

First up I went onto Amazon and bought a photo studio kit because I wanted to be able to take photographs from home with a degree of consistency. Afterall the portfolio is something I’m going to be adding to so if I were to use the university studio I feel like in some kind of way I’d be limiting myself. So this little kit came. Took me a little while to set up admittedly… Always read instructions Hannah, you’re not better than them!

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 08.42.48
Amazon Screenshot | 2018

The overall size of the pop-up studio was bigger than I was expecting. A perfect fit for my publications. The light sources that came with the kit gave a near perfect coverage to the covers of the books. Once I put the photos into Photoshop and gave them a little edit I think that these were ready for my website and physical portfolio.

Riso Show
Riso Show | Hannah Phillips | 2017

I think my photography problems came down to taking images of the spreads themselves. Once I opened up the publications they then didn’t actually fit in the box so I took the background out (they’re interchangeable in red, blue, white and black so was easy enough to do). This meant that I could lay the publications out with a consistent black background. However, as the box reflects the lights it keeps the coverage fair so moving the outcomes from the box meant that I was unable to get the lights as consistently. As can be seen from the photo it left the corners and edges of the spread slightly darker than the rest of the image.

Anthology (3)
Anthology Response | Hannah Phillips | 2018

To be completely honest, the photographs still came out a lot better than I was expecting and they’re uniform which is what I wanted. But once I’m finished with university I plan on reshooting them with help from someone that actually enjoys photography! In the meantime, if I get time and the weather is good I want to take some more natural photos using the sun as my light source.

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