Ellipsis: Photo Stories

For the magazine I’m producing, I’m looking at making it for everyday people. Busy people. Those that don’t need to have a nutritionist or personal trainer (it’s rich because I do use a personal trainer). But it’s not going to use a celebrity or perfectly toned bodies.

Much like the stories that are included in Run For Your Life magazine, I want to show my readers the lives of everyday people. So I’ve chosen my two friends Aliye and Paulina because they both do things to benefit their health such as going to the gym or cheerleading. They’re also Turkish and Lithuanian respectively so I know compared to myself they have very different eating habits, routines etc that would be beneficial to readers to hear because it’s an interesting comparison.

The following are the questions that I wrote up to send Aliye and Paulina (the Nandos example was 100% put in there for Paulina, there’s no mood that doesn’t involve going there I promise. We were on the train this afternoon when she suggested we go at the end of the week so..):

  • Could you give an overview of your health and fitness goals: what you do? Why you do it? What benefits do you feel? Like do you target that booty, just want to keep busy etc.
  • What are you health goals on a daily basis? Is it a step count, amount of water, 30 minutes of exercise, journaling etc. Why do you have these goals and do they bring routine to your day? If so, is this beneficial?
  • What are your health goals on a weekly basis? Do you aim for 3 small workouts a week? Walk your dog most nights? Limit yourself to one meal out etc.
  • What is your go to fitness/beauty/care product? Why? For example a skin care product, a vitamin, tea, a clothing brand etc, anything you find benefits you with your health.
  • What is your go to to de-stress or relax? Do you go Nandos? Watch a show?
  • What is your go to healthy food? Or do you have a really good tip for cooking?
  • Last one, I promise. If you only had 5 minutes spare in your room what workout would you recommend? Could be a type of squat, HIIT on the spot, a yoga pose etc.

I felt these questions were broad enough to get into their physical and mental wellness. This enables them to tell their stories to the readers and then in a way give advice and tips to them too. When I come to editing this into magazine content I’m going to see what flows the best as I want their voices to come across and it needs to flow, not just being rigid questions. After making a small magazine mockup I think I will also create my own photo story like the girls because I know I have different goals and methods of dealing with health than they do so it’ll help fill more content. Once I get their answers to the questions I’m going to be meeting up with them to actually get the photos for the photo stories… It’s all coming together, slowly but surely!

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