Ellipsis: Publication Illustrations

The magazine I’m making consists of vegetarian recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert (obviously there’s more than that but this is a large element). From researching different ways of illustrating food I think I found my own way of heightening the recipes and page layouts.

My idea was to have two of the recipes with the ingredients illustrated and therefore remove the ingredients list from the body copy. Then for the other two recipes, I’d illustrate the final outcome. I didn’t want to spend days upon days drawing out super detailed foods that were then coloured in or whatever. So I decided to draw out simple line drawings which I then scanned in and pulled through Adobe Illustrator (admittedly this took me a little longer than I’d hoped because well Illustrator isn’t my go-to software). But I did manage to get the scans to a high quality eventually!

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 22.44.09
Illustration Outcome | Hannah Phillips | 2018

Once I’d done this I then didn’t really touch the designs until I started laying out the recipe pages as this then enabled me to treat all the illustrations slightly differently to ensure that the pages didn’t all look the same.

Breakfast (Blueberry Muffins) (1 page): For this, I decided on a pink for the background colour, so when editing the illustration I made the background and insides pink while having one of the lines coloured white and another back, offset them slightly in a similar way to the illustration’s above. I think this, while simple, was an effective way of making the illustration a little more interesting than just a line drawing and it added another layer of colour.

Lunch (Rostis) (2 pages): To create the illustrations of this design was a similar way I created the muffin illustration and can be seen above. It used the offsetting of lines but this time the background was white and I then alternated between pink and green for the ‘fill in’ colours. This method of producing the illustrations was very screenprint like and then went on to be the same way I produced the drawings for the dessert page. Dessert (Watermelon) (1 page): As this dessert didn’t contain many ingredients I settled on this being both a single page and illustrating the elements of the recipe rather than the final outcome of the food.

Dinner (Penne) (2 pages): This page/ illustration was another where I created a ‘final outcome’ illustration and a full-colour background. However, unlike the others, I didn’t offset the lines but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t work with the three other recipes because the colours really keep the idea consistent.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 22.44.28
Illustration Outcome | Hannah Phillips | 2018

I’m really happy with the illustrations that I have created for the recipe pages. I think if the project was longer (or I have enough time before the hand in, which is looking very unlikely at this moment in time) I would love to translate these illustrations into screenprints because of the style I used to colour the foods. I also think the graphicness (please accept that as a real word because I know I am…) of the illustrations are visually so much more interesting than typical cookbooks. And so actually, creating a cookbook in such a way is something I really want to do for a future project! However, moving forward with this project I’d love to find a way of mixing illustration with the photography that will be included in the magazine.

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