Design Competition: Social Media Branding

Since I’ve been in uni my Instagram has changed a lot and actually, all of my social media platforms have; a lot of this has happened over the last month for this project as it’s had me think of myself as a brand rather than a person.

First up my drunken girl’s night out photographs came off (that was mostly because my manager at work would come up to me a tell me he thought I had a drinking problem – but once a week at the start of uni is below average I’m sure!), then anything personal was removed so it was just for my illustration and design. However, I then took this further by actually just creating a new Instagram altogether. This enabled me to use the username hnnhphllps across Instagram, I already had it on Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest anyway. This social media branding meant I created a new email address to go with this so on my business cards everything was coherent.

I think that creating a visual identity across a range of platforms has been the most difficult part of the Portfolio Ready brief. To make my digital and physical portfolios ‘match’ has been a lot easier than I originally thought. Keeping type and colours similar is doable but social media is one of them I’ve always kind of struggled with. Keeping the colour schemes similar across Instagram posts is somewhat difficult when you’ve used a range of methods to create the work. For example, I follow illustrators online that only use beautiful natural colours in watercolour so all their posts follow that scheme. However, with my work, I may have used red riso one time and then the next a colourful digitally printed piece. So I’ve decided to keep the scheme as monochrome as possible or at least keep black line on the image.

Overall, I think that I will be able to keep this theme running but it’ll be a time tells situation! At the moment with my limited posts it seems to be working!

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