Ellipsis: Page Layouts

Something that I’ve definitely learnt while being in uni is the importance of planning and not just jumping straight into designing digitally.

Before I started setting up my InDesign file for the magazine I decided I needed to plan out or come up with at least 10-20 page layouts, whether for the photostory element, recipes or the cover. I found I was looking at the mainstream layouts and ignoring it as much as I could? They pack a hell of a lot of information on one page and it’s visually and textually crowded and that’s not because there’s a lack of pages in the magazine but rather because there are soooo many pages dedicated to advertisements! So in my sketches, I wanted to keep the pages interesting without them containing too much. One of the ways I am thinking of doing this is including hand-drawn and graphic elements in the background of the text or imagery. I think these elements will prevent the pages from being flat, layers, when they’re done well, are effective in creating interest and can also tie together different pages in the magazine.


As well as layering different elements, I’ve tried to think about how I will place the photographs that I use in my photostories. Do they have to be in a square/rectangle? Could they work in circles or triangles? Admittedly from the sketch, I wasn’t feeling the idea of a circular shape but it was to start thinking about ways of getting the photographs interacting with the text in different ways.


Once I had produced my 20 pages (a mixture of single pages and double-paged spreads) I started to pull these ideas across to InDesign. I started by setting up a simple grid to keep the text boxes etc to. I did what I do every time though and forgot to set this up on the Master so it took a second to get the pages up and running! As I hope can be seen from my Lemon cover and the sketch with the yellow panel in my sketchbook, I used the sketches as a basis for developing things that worked effectively.


Moving forward in this project I want to see which of my sketched out layouts works best in relation to the content that I put into the magazine. But I also need to finish pulling together the content too!

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