Ellipsis: InDesign Development (1)

Since sketching out potential layout ideas and developing my front cover, I’ve had time to complete two spreads and two single pages which have completed the recipe aspect of the magazine.

Before I started really developing the actual magazine, I spent some time putting together a colour scheme that used yellow as one of the main colours because I was calling the magazine Lemon so it just kind of made sense. Plus, mainstream health magazines love using neon bright colours, therefore I wanted a small nod to that without it being a neon colour… This explanation definitely made more sense in my head but in essence I wanted bright as a base that I could then move on from. I then selected a pink, more of a blush because it’s subtle but using it in large blocks of colour is still great in achieving a bright stand out colour. Lastly, I found a green that I played about with a little until I found something that wasn’t what young me would call bogie green and it wasn’t too dark either. The colours all really compliment each other and only selecting three worked as I would also be using black and white throughout so I don’t think there was too much going on in the few pages I first developed.


The process of creating my recipe pages was getting the main information on the page with the solid coloured background as a starting point. The white lines on the first spread were my first attempt at breaking up the solidness of the page. I then took this further by making the white space half the page because then it lent itself to the illustration style that I was being to develop. It was also at this time can I concluded my header type would be ‘Earth Quest’ and the body copy ‘SK-Modernist’. I think they were a really good contrast to each other as Earth Question is caligraphic (sure that’s a real word?) while SK-Modernist is a clean and easy sans serif.


Once I put together one of the recipe pages it was a case of changing little elements on the page so they weren’t all the same. This included adding bars of colour, changing the orientation of the headers and experimenting with the ratio of colour and white in the backgrounds etc. I’m happy with my first proper InDesign session because I’ve been able to solidify elements that will be pulled across to most of the pages. Obviously going forward I will need to produce the rest of the magazine ready for print!

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