Design Competition: Portfolio Production

Well. Where do I start…? I think probably I’d like to say now that for digital printing or time limits sending something off to print rather than printing it myself is the best bet unless it’s reproducing something similar to what I’ve done before.

Let’s start with paper number one. I’d gone to Hobbycraft and picked up a 200gsm stock that was textured and just really lovely to touch. What I hadn’t read was the fact it was superlarge grain so when I printed a test image it looked like a faded image because the ink wouldn’t go into all the grooves. However, the good thing that came of this was I knew 200gsm would go through a printer with no issues. Once I’d gotten home I decided it would be worth testing out my portfolio on this paper anyway so I was able to compare. But once I was home and attempted to print there was just no way this would go through the printer! It was a shame so I then sent off my mum to work to try printing it on her computer and it worked the way I thought it would. But was still worth a try as I may have been pleasantly surprised!

I’d then tried to print out on a card stock that was untextured because then I hoped I’d get a smooth coating of ink on the page although it didn’t feel as exciting to touch. Obviously, this was never going to be as simple as putting the paper in the printer and printing, because again my Aunt’s printer refused to allow the stock through the feed. So I kind of gave up… I decided just to print on normal copier paper just to be able to get a feel for the layout of the portfolio. So at this point, the printer decides that all orange ink will turn pink (and when half my work contains riso ink that’s a problem). However, I carried on with the printing but it got progressively worse! The colours were not only off but then I got white streaks through the last pages.

My final idea was to send all my packs of paper up for my mum and dad to take to work in order for them to print it. Overall I think it’s unfortunate that I couldn’t get the portfolio sent off for printing so I could use an uncoated stock similar to my business card. But this wasn’t possible in the time frame due to having to wait for my Final Major Project to arrive in the post. But once the sheets were printed it came down to packaging them up in the envelope I’d bought to contain them.

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