Ellipsis: InDesign Development (2)

The step between my first InDesign development post and this one in a way looks like a big leap but much of the document was set up in regards to margins and guidelines; the colour palette and art direction was then pulled across the various pages.

One of the things that changed a lot from my initial mockup was the number of pages given to the photo stories. Originally I thought that a single spread would be plenty of room for this element but by the time Aliye and Paulina sent me their writing and I took their photos (I picked my favourite four for each of them which I could then cut down depending on how much text there would be) there was no way I wanted to squeeze everything onto one page. Afterall, as it was an A5 document anyway, a single spread would just look messy as well as stingy! But I think giving the content more space to breathe was beneficial not just to the design of these sections but the overall content of the magazine because this allowed me to cut some of the other page ideas I had that just weren’t as strong or thought through.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 12.20.11
Photo Story Development | Hannah Phillips | 2018

Having more space to play around with the photo stories meant that I could really experiment with the layouts. I think this enabled me to create more visually exciting spreads rather than follow a standard on each page. An example of this would be the second spread in Aliye’s section of the magazine as pictured with the pink background. I placed the image on the spread and worked the text boxes around this in a completely different way to the first spread in the section because the copy moved with the image and created a pace to the page. While the colour palettes and paragraph styles enabled a layer of consistency through the magazine the development of the layouts moved the design forward.


Another element that was designed was my ‘adverts’ I chose to ‘advertise’ two health-based apps/events because they felt relevant and it was my way of parodying mainstream health magazines, hopefully in a way that makes them more relevant to the publication. I designed a single paged advert for Cancer Research UK’ Shine Night Walk (a very dear cause for myself) and the Headspace app that helps with mindfulness and meditation for mental health. I used their logos but the rest of the elements that the magazine used so that they looked intentional and then I kept them to the inside front and back covers as not to break up the spreads within the magazine. Then moving forward with the magazine I need to get it printed! It’s all coming together now!

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