Design Competition: Portfolio Outcomes

This brief has definitely solidified the fact that university is nearly finished! It’s ensured that I’m almost ready to start applying for work in the creative industry, which at the start of the year and even around the Christmas break I didn’t really see possible!

Out of the digital and physical portfolios, I think that the digital is definitely my favourite. It has a really simple monochrome colour scheme running across the pages, from the type on the site to the actual art direction of the photographs. I really love the portfolio grid on the page as each row shows the publication cover, a detail and a page or spread. When I’d spoken to Angharad and Alistair they discussed having navigation where I’d click one image of the covers and they’d take you to the detailed photographs and that was want I wanted to actually do but I haven’t been able to work out how to do that on Wix at this moment in time… Hey at least it means there’s always room for development and hopefully really get an understanding of the website!

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 23.18.36 | 2018

Also, the digital portfolio is something I find really interesting because of the ability to add any extra elements to the site as I want. At the moment, I’ve opted for an About, Shop, Contact and Instagram tab. The idea behind only adding these pages was they all add something slightly different in relation to me as a working designer. The About enables potential clients to get a bit of a background on me; if that and the portfolio don’t completely sell my work then there’s the live Instagram feed which would have extra work, works in progress, behind the scenes and whatnot. Then once all these elements sell me they’re able to get in touch with me directly on the site and /or buy prints and other work straight from me.

All in all, it’s the physical portfolio I’m not quite happy with. Due to the timing of my Final Major Project being finished I couldn’t finish taking all the portfolio images until 6 days before the final university hand in! So this meant that I had to print the portfolio myself and it came with a lot of issues that I discussed in my previous post. I’m happy with the concept of it being a loose-leaf portfolio because it means that I can change the ordering of the pages based on adding and subtracting the projects contained. But the actual containing of the pages let me down because I wanted to use paper sleeves that I’d seen used in the research I’d undertaken but I wasn’t able to find these online as I couldn’t find the name of them?

Overall, there is still some development to do in order for me to be happy with the outcomes. However, it’s a solid start to thinking about my professional portfolio.

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