Ellipsis: Printing & Issuu

I was under the impression that once I’d ‘finished’ the PDF document for my magazine I could send it off for printing and that would be that. Obviously, that was never going to happen but I had the hope in my soul…

Once I’d finished the magazine I took to Mixam to select the print settings and ensure everything was in order. Initially, I was going for uncoated paper and 20 sheets all in all and actually, that element didn’t change. What did change though was the page numbers, I hadn’t realised that I’d numbered my document wrong. Rather than start the numbers from the front cover, I started from the inside front cover which meant that my ‘page 3’ should have actually been page 4. So kids the lesson learnt from this story is proofing online is actually incredibly useful in picking up on any little mistakes! Another thing I came across was once the front and back covers were butted up against each other the flowers didn’t line up (the yellow block of colour was at 90% transparency so it was obvious!). Therefore I had to go back into the document again in order to change the block to a solid colour as this gave the impression that the front and back covers were one HD image.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 20.44.46
Mixam Process Screen | Hannah Phillips | 2018

Then I just had to send off to print (and I’m super excited to get the physical magazines in my hands). Once I had the magazine finalised I was then able to upload the file to Issuu so my magazine had a digital presence. I hadn’t used the platform since last year for our Collection project so in all honesty, I couldn’t remember if I had to reformat the document in any way. Thankfully the answer was no! So it was a simple upload and I had a digital magazine to hand. You can view it: issuu.com/hnnhphllps/docs/lemon_magazine

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 16.00.11
Lemon on Issuu | Hannah Phillips | 2018

The process of ensuring the PDF was ready to print was extremely important for me to find mistakes because I think if I was printing this myself I wouldn’t have picked up on the page numbering. In the future, I think Mixam is a likely website for me to use to get publications printed as there are a lot of options but once I get the physical magazine I will make my final judgement. When I do it will also be interesting to compare the spreads physically to the digital versions.

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