Design Competition: Self Promotion & Social Media

Ladies and gentleman, the end of university is now in sight! The outcomes for this brief are definitely helping to make it feel real and ready for the ‘real’ world, and I must say I’m pretty excited.

First up for my outcomes is my business card! Although it wasn’t apart for the brief, it made sense to make this extra element as it can go with my portfolio and be used for networking. I used the ‘branding’ that I went on to the other elements of my portfolio to create the design and printed it with Vista Print. Admittedly, I was a little unsure how well they’d turn out because I know my brother had business cards printed with them before I found them boring. However, choosing uncoated paper instantly lifted the design of them and the feel of them in your hands make you actually want to hold and take a look at the card, rather than take it and shove it straight into your pocket.

Business Card Front | Hannah Phillips | 2018

So my final social media accounts included: Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram but there was a focus on Instagram in the brief. Therefore my account on there is coming together every day and growing in followers and posts! My aim at the moment is to post a minimum of a post a week, check it every day to interact with posts and like new accounts. I want it to be active but manageable. If it becomes something that takes up too much of my time it’s another stress, or distraction because I know I’ll be on the platform tagging my friends in memes or something.

Overall, I think I have manageable and effective ways of promoting myself now. Be that a physical item to hand out, which I hope to develop further and have a sort of promotional pack with a little zine or publication and a postcard or print of some description. I also have a digital platform which can gain a react of so many different people. I think the most important thing about where I have these elements at this stage as I am able to develop these and continue growing them with myself rather than have something that’s difficult to go back to.

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