Ellipsis: Magazine Outcome

Getting a final outcome back from print is one of the most exciting parts of a project and I’m so happy with my printed magazine!

I had chosen to print my magazine A5 because I felt that it was an easy fit in your handbag, gym bag, rucksack or whatever in comparison with A4. It also just feels really great in your hands! I was slightly worried that maybe the pages would look a little too cramped because the screen vs. the page could look completely different and I hadn’t had the chance to print testers off (moving house and your mum chucking out the printer is a big no no!). But the point size is completely legible and everything fits well on the page as it did on the screen which was a relief for sure.

Page Detail | Hannah Phillips | 2018

Using Mixam, as I’ve said in previous blog posts was simple to navigate and there is a tonne of features that you could customise. Maybe not a tonne, but plenty of paper stocks and paperweights. This meant that the printed quality of my magazine was fab! I was able to select a thick uncoated stock which I think is typical of independent magazines for good reason. This stock would have been more difficult for me to print on myself so it was a good choice printing with them for an evenly printed page and perfectly laid out spreads. Let’s be real if I’d done it myself and printed it well I’d still have messed it up when I staple bound the magazine (realist here!).

I’m pleased with what I’ve produced for my final project! But I’d definitely loved to have some extra time to put together promotional material to go with the magazine. The illustrations I produced would have looked great on posters or even little recipe cards as something to collect each issue. During the summer and going forward the recipe cards are definitely something I want to work on both as a passion project (I hate cookbooks because half of what’s in there isn’t my cup of tea!) and as something to sell and produce a continued design for.

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